We tore down industry standards And built new ones.

Icon: A model for the modern world

Our design-build model puts client experience—and end results—first. Our efficient end-to-end process and centralized management address the obstacles that lie in the way of success.

  • Unified, well-managed teams
  • Clear accountability
  • Clear contracts
  • Locked in price
  • Seamless & efficient handoffs
  • Continuous communication
  • Effective execution

Our unique method minimizes confusion and complications. Results: Nothing short of magnificent.

5-star treatment. 5-star deliverables.

The design-build process means your project is in expert hands, start to finish.


Consistent oversight, smooth handoffs, & total accountability.

above all

We don’t veer off contract: No surprise fees and minimal change orders.


A time-tested process keeps us on time and within budget.


Icon oversees projects from consultation to construction.


The proof is in the product. And ours are breathtaking.

“What we do is
all about
Michael Landau Founder and President

Michael has always intuitively understood exponential growth.

Icon began in 2005 as a specialty healthcare design company. But when Michael realized the inefficiency of the classic DBB method, he expanded, sourcing a development team, then bringing on purchasing and project management. Cosmetic renovations became ground-up construction. Trials and triumphs guided him as Icon evolved to become the end-to-end design-build company it is today.

Michael believes that utilizing the design-build method informs two experiences: that of our clients and that of their guests. A frictionless client experience is essential–but the true test is the magical experience that a newly constructed space offers its end users. And Icon takes care of both.

Icon's end-to-end Design+Build solutions are the result of the amazing work of teams with years of experience in perfecting the art of delivering outstanding, transformative solutions.

Design Team

Comprising designers, renderers, drafters, and a special items expert who combine incredible design concepts that stretch the imagination while keeping two feet firmly planted on the ground. They offer design solutions that can be realized on time and within budget.

Financial Team

These financial wizards pour over every detail of your project. Their process takes them item by item and line by line. Attention to all the minutiae allows us to provide our clients with the greatest value at a locked-in, optimal price.

Purchasing Team

Our purchasers work hand in hand with our design team and project managers to ensure the material and specialty items are properly scheduled and delivered as needed. They scour markets everywhere to ensure our clients are getting optimum value to match their budget and needs.

Cosmetic PM Team

Their comprehensive review assures that every projected plan matches the reality. They oversee construction from beginning to end, on a daily basis, gracefully handling any challenges that may arise, enabling the concept to become reality.

Construction Team

Our experienced Construction team takes on those Design+Build projects which include a significant construction component. From extensions to existing facilities, to building from the ground up, our team is ready to go.

Frictionless experiences Flawless execution.

We’re reinventing the industry with accountable processes that lead to stunning results. Let’s reinvent yours.